In order to become a member, kindly fill in the online form and send a cheque to the Malta Career Guidance Association,  126/3 Old College Street, Sliema. 
The membership fee for full members and associate members shall be €10 per annum. The membership for Associations Membership shall be €100 per annum.

The membership of the Association consists of:

a) Full Members
  • Level 1 - Open to individuals holding a Master or Doctorate degree in career guidance and who have been practicing for at least five years;
  • Level 2 - Open to individuals who are in possession of a first degree in education, social work, youth work, psychology, adult education, lifelong learning or other related fields and/or a Diploma in Guidance or comparable qualifications issued by an institution of higher education recognised by the Education Authorities and who are currently practising in the area.

b) Associate Members
  • Open to students/trainees following courses in career guidance by a recognised educational body;
  • Open to individuals who are practising in this area;
  • Open to retired career guidance practitioners;
  • Open to individuals using career guidance skills in support of their work;
  • Open to individuals who have other related certification not included in
c) Association Membership

  • Open to Associations/ Entities interested in the field of Career Guidance. (Membership entitles the Association to nominate two of its members to represent the organisation in MCGA events, at the same rates as full members)

Note: All qualifications are subject to recognition by the Executive Committee