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Euroguidance Conference - 3/12/2018

posted 23 Mar 2020, 05:47 by Malta Career Guidance Association

Although economic growth is a very positive contributor to the country’s economy, it is also highlighting a deficit and shortage when it comes to skills and employees to fill in the skills required for certain jobs. The introduction of ‘My Journey’ purposely aims at targeting this shortage by introducing vocational and applied learning in the educational curriculum and offering students subjects that are closely linked to the world of work. The keynote speaker for this conference, Ing Vince Maione addresses this issue by discussing on how this new vision towards learning can help address the skills shortage. This was followed by a panel discussion from various stakeholders from the education and employment sector who engaged in a  debate on the perceived impact of ‘My Journey’ on education and employment.    

Malta Career Guidance Association,
23 Mar 2020, 05:47