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On the 28th of March 2020, the Ministry for Education and Employment announced that all educational institutions will remain closed till the end of June (the end of scholastic year 2019/20). 

Compulsary Education:

As from the beginning of the next scholastic year 2020/21, all students will proceed to the next year level automatically. Hence, year 6 students will not be assessed as per usual procedures, that is through the benchmark examination. In the case of students in middle and secondary schools, students will proceed to the next year automatically. 

Post-Secondary & Tertiary Education:

SEC (Ordinary Level)

The SEC (O-levels) will not take place on 23rd April as planned. The MATSEC will carry out a predictive assessment based on the marks obtained in the mock exams. The MATSEC board will take in to consideration the students’ marks, corrected exam papers and marking schemes used. Based on these criteria, the MATSEC board will issue a certificate that will show whether the student has passed or not, and whether s/he would have obtained a Level 2 or Level 3 within that particular subject. Through this certificate the students will have the opportunity to apply for post-secondary schools/institutions. Students will also be given the opportunity to voluntarily sit for SEC sessions in September.

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MATSEC (Advanced and Intermediate Level)

The Intermediate and A-levels will not be held in April and the session will be postponed to September. The students will receive a time table and details with regards to these changes. A re-sit session will take place in December and all provisions will so that all students will be given the opportunity to start University, MCAST or other institutions in the next academic year. 

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University of Malta


Information taken on 2nd April from Ministry of Education and Employment, MCAST and Univesity of Malta websites.